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Glatfelter Quality Filter Paper

Glatfelter is the world market leader in supplying the best in class heatsealable and non-heatselable filter paper convertible in all designs and formats branded, own label and the catering sectors.


The name Glatfelter is known for highly specialized papers. Our unique products are sold worldwide. In order to meet the needs of our customers, we have established over 40 branches, agencies and other operational centers in numerous countries throughout the world. Our facilities also include a special long-fibre cellulose plant in the Philippines to ensure a continuous supply of raw materials.

Tea and Coffee Filter Papers

The Glatfelter product line of tea and coffee filter papers is divided into two categories: heat-sealable and non-heat-sealable papers. Customers of Glatfelter filter papers manufacture both one-chamber bags as well as double-chamber bags. Low basis weights combined with high strength ensure that Glatfelter papers are ideally suited for use with different packing machines. Flavor infusion, increased particle retention and wet strength are key features of all Glatfelter tea and coffee filter papers. Glatfelter filter papers are made of oxygen-bleached or unbleached raw materials and are therefore friendly to the environment. Depending on the need of Glatfelter papers can be plain, patterned or decorated with a logo:


Non-heat sealable filter papers

All Glatfelter non-heat sealable filter papers consist of a single layer of 100% natural fibers. Dimensional stability and ease of crimping are key characteristics of Glatfelter filter papers.

Heat sealable filter papers

All Glatfelter heat sealable filter papers consist of two layers: the filtration layer and the sealing layer. Depending on customer requirements and needs, the filtration layer consists of various combinations of abaca fibers, wood pulp and cellulose rayon fibers. The sealing layer can also vary in composition and be made of polyethylene mixed with copolymers, polypropylene mixed with copolymers or 100% polypropylene. The various combinations of natural and synthetic fibers found in Glatfelter filter papers have been optimized to provide high strength at the sealing joint and excellent cut-ability of heat-sealable filter papers. Neltec: new engineered logo technology

With Neltec, Glatfelter has developed a logo technique for coffee filter papers with a higher precison in logo illustration compared to the classical waterjet procedure. With Neltec you can visibly project your coffee’s mark of quality directly onto the coffee pad. Let your brand leave a lasting impression through:

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